The Fitting

Austin Vandegrift High School athletic trainer Chris “Doc” Shivers has had many of his athletes wearing the BrainVault Custom Mouthguard over the past three years. He shares his experience on how the BrainVault fitting process has worked and the tremendous results his athletes have experienced:


How to schedule a BrainVault Custom Mouthguard fitting for your athlete:


1. To schedule a personal fitting for your athlete at our BrainVault lab, email us your contact information.

A private fitting takes about 15 minutes per individual.


2. How to schedule a team or group fitting: 

BrainVault has made our fitting process very easy for college teams, high school teams, middle school teams, club sports and any group who would like to set up a fitting.

Depending on your location, we will bring our team to you.  We do many team or group fittings at schools, training rooms, workout facilities, practice fields and even players homes.

Team and group fittings can be scheduled around team practices, workouts or anytime that is convenient and the athletes are already together at the same time and location.

Most team and group fittings are set up by a coach, trainer, booster club members, team moms and parents.