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BrainVault®️ Mouthguard

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The BrainVault® mouthguard is a revolutionary and patented design that reduces the risk of concussion in all athletes regardless of age, gender, or skill level. Doing what no other mouthguard does, BrainVault® puts the jaw in the optimal position to properly align the head and neck, and increase neck strength - the most significant factor for reducing concussion risk. Now available with a Replacement Option. The Replacement option ensures that your purchase is eligible for up to two replacements within two years.

  • Not compatible with braces
  • Standard delivery: 2 working days
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BrainVault®️ MouthguardBrainVault®️ MouthguardBrainVault®️ MouthguardBrainVault®️ MouthguardBrainVault®️ MouthguardBrainVault®️ Mouthguard

The Power of BrainVault


BrainVault® is designed to increase neck strength, reducing concussion risk.


BrainVault® is an affordable way to keep athletes safe while they play. It’s also backed by Science.


BrainVault® positions the jaw which aligns the head and neck for increased neck strength.


BrainVault® has shown to increase neck strength by an average of 17lbs in independent testing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Nate Self
My Three Sons

I have three boys in the BrainVault. One playing college football, one in HS basketball, and one in middle school—both sports. They all swear by it. The football son has always had headaches after big hits, but not since the BrainVault. My HS hooper almost lost a tooth in a game collision, and now he won’t play without BV—and he says he breathes better with it compared to any other mouth guard. I’m not sure if the folks at BV have proven it yet, but all 3 seemed to have improved their performance since getting the BrainVault. In a sports world full of equipment, two things stand out to me: 1) the BV is the only piece of kit they’ve NEVER forgotten—and they forget everything else, and 2) there’s not a piece of gear more important than the best mouth guard available. And this is it.

Michelle Peck
We are Believers

Last night was my son’s first game back after suffering a concussion. I was very nervous of course, but he was completely healed and couldn’t wait to play. Being a QB you get knocked around, and last night he took several hits. A hit in the second quarter made me pause, but he got back up and drove them down for another TD. I thought, thank the Lord! After the game I asked him how he felt, he said, “Did you see that hit second quarter? My mouthguard saved me!” So we are true believers, the Brainvault mouthguard truly works. He will be wearing it every game, and maybe while he drives a car, he just turned 16. Ha! Thank you Brainvault for protecting my son!

Great mouthguard!

My son, Jake, played in a scrimmage in Canon City, CO last Friday. He was playing QB and the pocket collapsed so he scrambled for a 14-yd gain. At the end of the play as he was already wrapped up, their safety (what we coaches not so affectionately refer to as) ear-holed him. Jake immediately got up and started clapping as he headed back to the huddle.

After he got home, he asked me if I saw what happened on that play. I told him I did. He said, “Normally, I would have had to go out for at least a play or two but the mouthguard saved me. You don’t get rocked with that thing…I’m a believer!”

Having said that, I’m certain that there are times when he would get “rocked” even with BrainVault but that was extremely encouraging for me to hear and I knew you’d be excited to hear about it as well.