Who is wearing BrainVault and Why


Kevin Witt: Austin Vandegrift High School Football Booster President


Chris "Doc" Shivers - Austin Vandegrift High School Athletic Trainer
"Many of our VHS Athletes from different sports have been wearing the BrainVault Mouthguard. Many of our football players have been wearing the BrainVault Custom Mouthguard for the past three seasons with tremendous results and no concussions reported. On top of the safety aspect, they love how comfortable the custom fit is, which allows them to communicate and breathe easily.”

Sam Thompson - Head Athletic Trainer Regents School of Austin
“We have had many of our Regents football players wearing the BrainVault Custom Mouthguard for the past three seasons and the results have been great! We now have athletes from other sports, including members of our cheer team wearing the BrainVault during practice! My own daughter will be wearing a BrainVault starting this fall as a cheerleader and then a soccer player.”

Beck Brydon - Second Baptist High School Head Football Coach
"The call to BrainVault was the second phone call I made on my first day in the office when I started as the new Head Football Coach at Second Baptist High School in Houston. That's how important and strong I felt about the BrainVault technology and results I witnessed with our football players having worn the BrainVault mouthguard the year prior at Regents HS of Austin."

Ava Chaparro - 2020-2024 member of the University of Texas All-Girl Cheerleading team
“I have been wearing the BrainVault Custom Mouthguard along with many of my cheer team members this past year. BrainVault has tremendously improved my confidence in terms of performance and safety - knowing I have an extra layer of protection during my stunts and competitions.”