Backed by Science

BrainVault® is a revolutionary and patented mouthguard that
has been proven to help reduce the risk of concussion.

  • Fits Children & Adults

  • It lasts season after season

  • Easy to fit

  • Patented technology

  • Living hinge for comfort

  • Easily refitted

It’s time to play hard. Stay safe with BrainVault®.

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More Than Just A Mouthguard

BrainVault® optimally aligns the lower jaw in a position that strengthens neck muscles to minimize concussive forces.


  • Aligns the lower jaw to position the head and neck and allow maximum force during contact.
  • Clenching the jaw in the optimal position allows for maximal force production by the muscles of the neck.
  • Strong neck muscles help slow the head down during contact to help minimize stretch and shear of brain tissue that leads to TBI
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Our proprietary material offers the dynamic to maintain its form and function season after season.

It’s time to play hard.
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