The Science behind the
BrainVault® Mouthguard

Strengthens Neck Muscles

Neck strength reduces the likelihood of concussion by slowing the head down, allowing the head and brain to move together. Every one pound increase in neck strength decreases the odds of concussion by 5%.

Patented Technology

BrainVault's® revolutionary and patented technology significantly improved the strength and endurance of cervical neck muscles of participants across all ages, genders, and skill levels.

Trusted by Professionals

In 2018, BrainVault® enlisted the help of a third-party investigator, Mark Strickland, current Regional Vice President at Results Physiotherapy and Assistant Professor at The University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences as the Principal instructor of Craniomandibular Studies. Strickland was tasked to develop a protocol to accurately test for improvements in neck strength and endurance using BrainVault's® patented IP.

How BrainVault® helps reduce concussion?