What is Brain Vault? [ORIGINAL]

What is Brain Vault

Backed by science BrainVault is a revolutionary and patented mouthguard that has been proven to reduce the risk of concussion.

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BrainVault Moulding Process:  

  1. We take an upper and lower mold of the athlete’s teeth to ensure a perfect fit.
  2. We register the bite with our BrainVault orthotic to align the upper and lower jaw to the proper position and spacing to help increase neck strength.
  3. A properly aligned upper and lower mold centered with proper spacing.
  4. The BrainVault mouthguard is hand made in our lab to fit the athlete’s properly aligned teeth and bite registration. Ensure proper alignment when wearing the BrainVault.

Our MISSION is to protect you from concussions!


BrainVault's® revolutionary and patented technology significantly improved the strength and endurance of cervical neck muscles of participants across all ages, genders, and skill levels.

BrainVault's® molding process and custom fit ensures an extremely comfortable mouthguard that enables athletes to be able to communicate clearly during competition as well as being able to breathe freely.